My internship plans are ruined

April 3, 2020
Naomi Feinstein
Plantation, FL

My internship plans are ruined.

Initially, when my study abroad program was cancelled, I said to myself, “Naomi, don’t worry, now you can pour all your attention into securing a summer internship.” Now, a month later, it is clear this summer will probably not be like any summer I have ever experienced before.

Returning home from Europe, I was completing applications and interviews, crossing my fingers I would be successful in achieving my goal. However, day after day, I began hearing from friends, texting me all upset, “My internship was cancelled.”

I still continued applying for jobs with my hopes up, thinking that this all will be resolved by the summer.

Yet, now, it is becoming increasing clear this ordeal may not be over anytime soon since the COVID-19 curve still increasing. I am receiving emails almost every day with the unfortunate news that one of the companies I applied to has cancelled its program.

Now, I have shifted my priorities a bit and placed my internship dreams on the backburner as a larger crisis unfolds.

This is a difficult time because I am not one to sit around and do nothing. I want to be productive and help anyway I can, including donating food and supplies to those who need it as well as helping with local coronavirus coverage for the Miami New Times.

Watching this pandemic unfold, I cannot understate the value these journalists hold to our country. They are doing everything in their power to make sure the public understands the magnitude of what our society is experiencing amidst lay-offs, tragedies and pay-cuts. Yet, I scroll through Twitter and read stories of journalists losing their jobs and newspapers forced to cease operations.

I commend all the people putting themselves on the line for others. Yet, there are others who continue not to social distance and I hope they change their actions to bend the curve.

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