Safety measures increase with rise in coronavirus cases

Rachelle Barrett
Plantation and Weston, Broward County, Florida
12 p.m. Monday, April 6

Safety measures increase with the rise in coronavirus cases

People, including my family and me, were skeptical of the severity of the COVID-19 outbreak. Still, we kept our distance, only leaving the house for necessities such as pharmaceutical and grocery runs, and we began practicing safe hygiene behavior.

In Broward County, the coronavirus confirmation numbers are climbing rapidly.

Broward County issued a “Shelter-in-Place: Safer at Home” policy to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. This means residents should stay home except for going to work or to a medical appointment, getting groceries or takeout, exercising outdoors (following the CDC’s social distance guidelines), and leaving home in the event of an emergency.

Publix, Walgreens and gas stations have reduced their store hours to minimize contact with others. My local Publix, which would close at 11 p.m., now closes at 9 p.m.; Walgreens closes at 9 p.m. rather than midnight; and the local McDonald’s closed its inside service, so the drive-through lines are the longest they’ve ever been.

The Sam’s Club by Sawgrass has employees stationed at the entrance handing out disinfectant wipes to clean their shopping carts, gloves for customers, and hand sanitizer to clean our hands. But there were very few supplies left when I visited.

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