Life after my study abroad program got cancelled

Naomi Feinstein
Plantation, FL

Life after my study abroad program got cancelled

My name is Naomi Feinstein and I am junior at UM, majoring in political science and journalism. This semester, I was studying abroad in Florence with Syracuse University, however, unfortunately, my program was cut short due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Wednesday, March 25, marked a month since I left Florence, but I spent the following two weeks after the cancellation of my program in London and Barcelona. Thursday finally marks the end of two-week incubation period coinciding with my departure from Europe. Now, I am back in Plantation, a suburb west of Fort Lauderdale where I am hunkering down with my parents, my brother who is taking his Boston University Law School classes online, my sister, her fiancée and their dog, all of who left New York City, a major epicenter of the outbreak.

Every morning, we take each others’ temperatures to make sure no one has a fever or exhibits any COVID-19 symptoms. All of us do not leave the house and if we do, it is to only pick up food, but of course, we wear gloves and masks to avoid any sort of exposure. Although we are eating many home-cooked meals, my family has elected to do delivery twice a week in order to support some of local restaurants.

While I am taking my classes online, I am trying to keep myself busy by taking walks outside, completing puzzles and facetiming with friends. Of course, I was disappointed when my study aborad program was cancelled, but now having it all unfold here at home, I am thankful to be surrounded by my family during this difficult time.

Thankfully, the beaches were closed to rid the city of Spring Breakers and the city ordered the closure of nonessential businesses. There are still plenty of cars on the road, and I’m not sure where people are heading. We are officially under a shelter-in-place so hopefully this will eventually flatten the curve because there is fear that South Florida is going to see a spike in cases over the next days and weeks. But for right now, my family and I are holding tight and hoping this all resolves itself soon. Stay safe!

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