Bros before hoes?

Dear V,

I have been casually seeing this guy for the past few months, and I am starting to really like him. I haven’t felt this way about anyone in a while. The only problem is that all of my friends hate him. I can’t understand how they are able to find a million flaws, while to me he’s simply the best. What should I do?


Hoes Before Bros

Dear Hoes Before Bros,

There are so many red flags in this situation, you might has well be dating a communist. At the same time, this question needs more context.

Maybe your friends don’t like him because he treats you poorly, and you aren’t aware of your own self worth. Maybe you are way out of his league, and he still thinks it’s unique to have a rap song on Soundcloud. Or just maybe it’s because his hair is so greasy that he single handedly lowered gas prices by raising oil production. Seriously, the only head he deserves comes in a shampoo bottle and right after shoulders.

Your real friends won’t be okay with anyone who treats you less than your worth. Friends are the people who stay up with you while you cry because he hurt you again. They are willing to spend hours reminding you how special you are. It’s crazy how you just can’t understand why they get so pissed when you decide to stay with him.

On the other hand, maybe they are just jealous. He clearly has your best interest in mind, and has been nothing but sweet. Real friends don’t find superficial reasons to hate the person who makes you the happiest. That misplaced mole on his chin might be gross to them, but it’s your favorite feature.

The difference between these two situations is obvious, and I’m hoping you have enough brain cells left after sylly week to figure it out on your own. Try not to be under the spell of a guy who’s greatest trick is bending someone over and making his dick disappear.

If you have friends who truly love you, listen to them.