Senior athletic director honored to moderate ‘What Matters To U’ with Megan Rapinoe

Shirelle Jackson, the senior associate athletic director, alongside University of Miami senior Claudia DeLorenzo, will be moderating aWhat Matters To U” conversation with Megan Rapinoe, a two-time World Cup Champion and co-captain of the US women’s national soccer team.

Jackson’s role involves helping prepare student-athletes for life after sports and helping them understand the duality that they have from being both a student and an athlete.

Student affairs reached out to Jackson and asked if she would be interested in moderating and she did not hesitate to say yes.

“I consider this an absolute honor,” Jackson said. “There are hundreds of people they could have asked to moderate. I’m excited to share the space not only with Megan but with Claudia.

Jackson is a fan of Rapinoe and of the U.S. w omen’s national soccer team because of all they’ve been able to accomplish. Jackson has followed Rapinoe’s career and admired her from afar and is excited to meet her in person.

“When you get a phone call saying not only is someone you admired going to be on campus but you get to sit next to them and ask some really poignant questions it’s an honor,” Jackson said. “It’s such a gift and I’m really thrilled about it.”

This will not be Jacksons first time moderating. She was just on the diversity inclusion panel for the School of Business two weeks ago. She’s also going to be on another panel in North Carolina next week forWomen inspire Women.”

“I’m old. I’m almost 50 years old,” Jackson laughed. “They probably asked me because I talk a lot.

Despite all the experience Jackson has, this will be her first-time meeting Rapinoe so she hopes not to get tongue-tied.

“I don’t usually get starstruck, but it might happen,” Jackson said.


What: What Matters To U will have Megan Rapinoe speaking and answering questions from moderators Shirelle Jackson and Claudia DeLorenzo.

When: The event will be held Oct. 10 at 5-6:30p.m.

Where: In the Shalala Student Center Ballrooms

How: To RSVP register via the link on ‘What Matters To U’ Facebook event page.