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Marc E. Bassy sticks to roots, doesn’t disappoint

On Sept. 27, Bay area singer-songwriter Marc E. Bassy released his third studio album “PMD,” gifting the world with a symphony of R&B beats and deep lyrics in his recently launched independent label New Gold Medal.

The album, “PMD,” has recurring themes of childhood nostalgia and problematic relationships and also touches on Bassy’s own battles with depression. It’s Bassy’s first R&B album, including melancholic beats and pianos but the sound and vibe of each song continues to stay consistent with his past works.

The artist acknowledges the struggles and consequences of living in a digital age ruled by social media, including anxiety and depression. The album is a platform of self-growth and therapy for Bassy. In “Jump for X,” which features 070 Shake, Bassy sings, “You thought the kids that were raising these new blocks / Would change the world be the brains let’s talk like Tupac / Instead we talk about nothing but these oh wops / Chasing bread only focused on making the crew pop,” shedding light on the mannerisms and problems of this generation.

Marc E. Bassy's newest and first R&B album, "PMD," was released on Sept. 27, 2019. Photo credit: spotify.com

Bassy yet again proves that he is the king of slow jams. The album has notable features from artists Blackbear, Mozzy and 070 Shake and producers Mike Dean, Count Bassy and Nic Nac. Standout songs such as “Where We’re From,” about a one-sided romantic relationship, and “NASCAR,” which is reminiscent of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car,” are trophies of what he knows best: chill and easy to listen to music.

While classified in the R&B genre, there are certainly influences from several other genres. “Die Hard” is an upbeat groove that you can listen to as you get ready for a night out, “Nothing Compares” has an electric 80’s synth vibe that is something to look forward to hear live and “Aquemini” is a sweet and upbeat song with an ode to classic 80’s video games music at the end.

With “PMD,” Marc E. Bassy fed his fans another album of what they’ve seen from him for years. There is minimal evolution in his sound and lyrics, which is not a bad thing because it is still undeniably good music. However, I do hope to see him delve into more unique sounds in his future projects.

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