Fall break f**k-up… revisiting my ex

Like many UM students, I went home for fall break. The trip was great, bookended by an excessive amount of Bacardi on both of my flights.

I got to see my family, go outdoors without sweating excessively and snuggle with my doggo. The only issue is that I snuggled and sweated with someone else.

I f***ed my ex. Mistakes were made.

To clarify, this wasn’t my ex from last semester. It was my high-school ex who I broke up with when I left for college. We ended things on good terms and had a good time when we got back together.

He slid into my DMs as soon as he saw I was home. We went out to dinner, had some drinks, and then, we had a good time in the back of his car, just like the good ol’ days.

It felt like high school again. You know, back when we all had wills to live.

There’s only one issue: “I wouldn’t be opposed to giving things another try.”

I got that text after he dropped me off at home and had to try to keep myself together while I lied to my parents about going to the mall with people I used to work with. (I told you, it’s literally high school all over again.)

You all know I am an emotional wreck and crave affection more than anything on this earth, so that hit me where it hurts.

I still have feelings for him and would totally give things another try, but he’s a man whore and we literally live 1500 miles apart.

By the way, he cheated on me a few times, but I’m willing to forget it because I am so desperate.

As much as I would love to black out on Bacardi on a Boeing to visit him a few times a month, it’s just too much.

Also, this would never work since I have the same needs as a puppy – consistent physical contact and attention. And sex. A lot of sex.

I constantly tell you not to revisit the past but also continue to do it myself.

He and I are texting constantly now, so we’ll see what happens.

Do you want to give me advice? Do you enjoy blacking out on Bacardi on Boeings and want to join the mile high club? Are you the FAA and are wondering why the airline broke federal regulations by serving me more alcohol despite the fact that I was clearly intoxicated? If so, email dearv@themiamihurricane.com.