Satire: HP disguises student DJ as Marshmello according to email leak

Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

In early October, Hurricane Productions (HP) announced that popular producer and D.J. Marshmello would headline the annual Homecoming Concert. The concert, scheduled for Thursday, has been met with enthusiastic anticipation from the University of Miami community. As the hub for Electronic Dance Music in the U.S., it is fitting to host a rising star in the genre. Along with his high energy EDM mixes, Marshmello’s unique masked persona ensures a quality show every time.

Unfortunately, leaked emails exchanged between HP officials show that the university did not book Marshmello at all.

In a series of three emails (below), HP president and vice president plan to have a student perform in a costume instead.


“Chili Pep” likely refers to aspiring student D.J. Charlie Pink. Pink, sophomore, also goes by the monikers “The Pink Panther,” “Kid Party” and “CP the MC.” Charlie Pink regularly D.J.s off-campus parties and is known among UM students for his tendency to awkwardly attempt crowd surfing in crowds of fewer than ten people. When contacted by The Miami Hurricane, Pink responded with, “Check out my SoundCloud.”

It is unclear how administration will respond to these new email revelations.

Conner Barrett is a sophomore majoring in political science.

Featured image courtesy Wikimedia Commons.