Senate Recap: Voter awareness, smoking fines, Freshman Leadership Council

Senators discuss constituent outreach

During an open forum, Speaker of the Senate Josh Zuchniarz questioned how effectively senators spread awareness to their voters.

Some senators send out information in mass email s to voters through listservs in their respective schools of study. However, the majority of the senators share information through word of mouth, a strategy Zuchniarz said doesn’t reach enough people.

In order to improve outreach, Zuchniarz asked the Senate for ideas. Commuter Senator, Liztiffany Couceiro, suggested a partnership with UMTV to broadcast a panel of senators answering questions from their voters. David Mejia, also a commuter senator, suggested setting up senator tables at events the Senate co-sponsors. During these events, students could approach and ask them questions.

“We could do a lot to improve our outreach,” Mejia said.

This week is Student Government Awareness week.

UM cracking down on smoking

Dean of Students Ricardo Hall told the senators to watch out for smokers on campus. UM will begin to fine repeat offender students upward of $50 for smoking.

“Confront the person and remind them that there’s no smoking allowed on this campus,” Hall said.

Hall said if you get a picture of their Cane Card, it can be sent to him at

Freshman Leadership Council

A new group of students have been chosen for the Freshman Leadership Council (FLC), a group that is made up of freshmen and is under the Executive Branch of Student Government. Twenty students were chosen out of 72 applicants who interviewed.

Ashley Pittaluga, vice president of Student Government, said FLC’s main goal is to build students into leaders so they are prepared no matter where they go.

“We were looking for students with potential. These are students who would benefit a lot from this and launch them into leadership,” she said.


President Frenk will visit Senate on Oct. 8 at 4:30 p.m. The meeting is open to all students.

UMPD Safety Fair is on Sept. 28 at 10 a.m. on the Rock.

A co-sponsorship bill for Homecoming passed. The Homecoming Executive Committee will receive $500 in co-sponsorship funding from SG.