Senior Profiles: Megan Lee

Megan Lee Victoria McKaba // Assistant Photo Editor
Megan Lee Victoria McKaba // Assistant Photo Editor
Megan Lee
Victoria McKaba // Assistant Photo Editor

Megan Lee is graduating from the School of Business Administration with a double major in accounting and computer information systems (CIS). Hailing from Boca Raton, Lee is senior vice president of Delta Sigma Pi (DSP) business fraternity, a T.A. and I.T. desk technician in the business school, and a member of the Hyperion Council for business community involvement. She will be completing her accelerated master’s in accounting next December at UM before moving to San Francisco, California, where she will begin working for Big Four accounting firm Deloitte. Outside of the business school, Lee plays for the Women’s Ultimate Frisbee club team at UM.

The Miami Hurricane: Out of all of your student involvements, which one has impacted you the most, whether it be in terms of professional development or personal development?

Lee: In both personal and professional development, I believe that joining Delta Sigma Pi professional business fraternity has impacted me the most. I joined this organization my first semester here at UM as a timid freshman. My brothers really encouraged me to come out of my shell, get involved and take on leadership roles within the business school and throughout the UM campus.

TMH: Could you tell me a little bit more about what Hyperion Council is and what it does?

L: Hyperion Council encourages leaders within the business school to pursue projects that strengthen the bonds between the local business and university communities. Our core values are integrity, fortitude, resilience, excellence and initiative. We carry these values in the work we do with those in the community. We are currently working with a local high school, a few community projects in Downtown Miami and an international project in the Dominican Republic.

TMH: How did you first get involved with Ultimate Frisbee? Why do you think you like the sport? How good is UM’s Women’s Ultimate Frisbee team?

L: I had a few friends from freshman year who really loved ultimate, but I never really understood it. My friend Miranda made me come out to practices sophomore year and I’m so glad she did. I stuck around after going to my first tournament and learning how great the sport really is.

There’s an amazing sense of community and everyone is so supportive. If you are looking for a team sport and want to learn something new, I’d highly recommend trying Ultimate Frisbee.

Our team is expanding and improving; we came from barely having enough people to play a game, to having 14 players come to our last tournament along with coaches. We have such great team chemistry this year and have won more games than in any other season.

TMH: Looking at the future, what are your long-term goals for what you want to accomplish as a professional and as a person?

L: I would definitely want to get more involved in the world of technology. It’s always been interesting to me, and I’m moving to San Francisco in a year so hopefully I’ll get to experience more of it! With my accounting and technology background you’d never guess it, but eventually, I’d like to open up my own bakery.

TMH: What’s something you like about UM’s School of Business? What are some changes that you will hope to see in business school when you return as an alumna?

L: The School of Business gives you so many opportunities – for networking, internship, involvement, careers, etc. I was blown away by the number of events and resources I was offered throughout my four years here. I would encourage School of Business students to take better advantage of all of these. I hope to see UM’s business school develop even more of a global presence, as well as interactions with other schools on campus.