Senate Recap: Elections codes review, senate duties amendment passed

Elections Codes Review

A bill to amend Chapter IV of the statutes of the Constitution of the University of Miami Student Government (SG) was passed. The amendment means that a revision of election codes could be initiated with a petition signed by the president, the speaker of the senate, the chief justice, the chair of the elections commissions and the SG advisor.

Election codes are the rules and regulations of the SG elections. According to the Supreme Court, the codes have not been revised for some time and are outdated. The goal of this amendment is to keep codes constantly updated with input from all branches of SG.

“It’s in the best interest of the student government to continually review these codes,” said Allie Hussey, chief justice of the student supreme court.

The bill had been scheduled for the previous senate meetings but was tabled due to bills from the Muslim Students of the University of Miami and Hillel calling for SG representation.

Amendment to Add Senate Duties Passed

Another bill was passed to amend the statutes pertaining to the duties of senators, committee chairs and vice chairs.

The SG statutes previously had no specific duties for these roles, leaving the actual obligations of the senators unclear. The authors of the bill wrote: “The explanation and definition of these duties would assist new Senators in understanding their roles and aid all Senators in the expeditious execution of the duties of their office.”


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