Chipotle delivery service win-win for busy customers, food chain

Standing in what seems like a nicely designed warehouse, leaning against a cold metal railing as the smell of sizzling steak and fresh guacamole tantalize you just enough to wait through a never-ending line is a grueling experience every Chipotle lover has endured.

As college students who are juggling social lives, academics and extracurricular activities, we are grateful for convenience. I thanked my lucky stars when fast-casual dining giant Chipotle recently announced that they would be providing many students, including those at the University of Miami, with a game-changing amenity: delivery service.

In an effort to expand business, Chipotle has partnered with online and mobile food delivery service Tapingo to bring bowls, burritos and more to 40 new college campuses nationwide beginning this fall. UM is the first school in Florida that Chipotle will be delivering to.

The average service fee is $2.99 and the average delivery time is 25 minutes. This is one of the greatest business decisions both companies could have made. Students will save time now that they no longer have to drive down U.S. 1 for three miles only to wait in line for another 30 minutes. Instead, students, faculty and staff can now continue to be productive as their food is prepared and delivered.

Tapingo delivery is also convenient for students who do not have cars and have to pay for a ride to the nearest location or pray that their friends with cars are generous enough to take them to Chipotle.

This will help Chipotle’s sales boom, which in turn will rake in cash for Tapingo. If the pizza and Chinese food industries are any indicators of how delivery service will affect Chipotle’s business, than the franchise has a great future in store for them.

Delivery is never quite the same as eating in, of course. Besides the ambiance of the restaurant, there are a few more aspects of Chipotle that will be missed. We will no longer be able to ask servers for just “a little more” sour cream without paying extra. Our meals will also cost a few bucks more, but having a delicious, fulfilling meal brought to wherever you are is worth it. Now that we have Chipotle, I think it’s time we start working on getting movie rentals, medications and household items delivered to us here on campus.

Christina Largie is a junior majoring in public relations.

Featured image courtesy Flickr user Michael Saechang