Ibis, Distraction referendums to reward diligent, creative publications

A university’s student body is a collection of individuals who seek to learn, create and innovate, and student media is one of the best outlets for this spirit of ingenuity. Our campus publications are not only a product of many students’ hard work and creativity, but also a valuable resource for student readers. As such, they deserve the utmost support from all students.

The Miami Hurricane urges readers to support our fellow publications, Distraction Magazine and Ibis Yearbook, in this week’s Student Government elections. Both publications are undergoing a referendum vote to increase the funding allocated from the Student Activity Fee by $1 for each publication. If passed, the increased funding will help both publications cover printing costs.

Both the magazine and the yearbook are labors of love meticulously crafted by student writers, editors, designers and photographers dedicated to documenting the University of Miami experience with pride and a bit of flair. The professional-grade design and the relevant, smart content in these publications represent the school more than well and speak volumes to what UM students are capable of. Each publication enriches the campus culture in its own way and those who have not yet picked up a copy of Distraction or the Ibis are missing out.

Distraction, which publishes twice a semester, puts a spotlight on arts, culture and leisure. The fun lifestyle pieces even showcase student models. The magazine has a playful, colorful tone that encapsulates the student voice like no other on-campus publication. While hard news is important, having a publication that’s centered around the student culture strengthens a cohesive campus identity and provides insights tailored to our interests at the U.

The yearbook is also crucial to this sense of pride in being a Miami Hurricane. Ibis, created in the school’s inaugural year, provides all students with free, hardcover copies of the yearbook each fall semester. The staff keeps a pulse on student life at UM throughout the year to capture a detailed snapshot of student life. The work that Ibis does will be preserved for years to come when we want to share with our families and friends what life at the U was really like. Thus, it must be fully appreciated and supported.

Beyond that, student media, just like any media, owes a duty to the public, and involvement in the student media teaches students the responsibility of being good stewards of information.

You, the reader, as a student with a vote, also have a responsibility to fulfill. Take a few seconds to support student media at UM.

Voting is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. from Monday, Sept. 28 until Wednesday, Sept. 30. Ballots can be found on OrgSync at the following link: https://orgsync.com/81696/forms.

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