PRO: President Obama’s Iran deal avoids war

In July, diplomats from around the world met in Vienna, Austria and negotiated a landmark nuclear deal with Iran. Currently, the deal is on its way towards being passed by the United States legislature. 

The Iran deal avoids another Middle Eastern war, pure and simple. If you don’t want Iran to have a nuclear weapon, you support this deal.

Why? This deal puts in place 24/7 inspections of every Iranian nuclear facility, makes Iran give up 98 percent of its uranium and immediately punishes Iran with crushing sanctions if they violate any part of the deal. In return, Iran gets to participate in the global economy once again and use its domestic energy resources for its own development. It is now in Iran’s self-interest to be on the same page as the rest of the international community.

This is a historic step in President Obama’s legacy of international cooperation. We have to ask ourselves what kind of country we want to be. Do we want to be one of the biggest international bullies in history, with a pistol aimed and ready to shoot if anyone tells us no? Or, do we want to lead by example, embodying the ideals of liberty, self-determination and homeland defense?

Don’t let the media fear machine drag us into yet another war in the Middle East — we all know how successful those were. This deal diffuses tension in the region. Before the deal, Iran was under constant threat: by the United States, who invaded their neighbors Iraq and Afghanistan, and an increasingly aggressive Israeli government armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons.

This deal not only protects the safety of the region and the world, it gives Iranians the chance to make it. The average Iranian citizen has paid a heavy price since 1979 because of economic sanctions that banned trade with most of the world. Who are we to tell another country they can’t develop their economy the way they want? Imagine the uproar if a foreign country somehow prohibited the United States from using nuclear energy within its own borders. It would be insane.

The fact that support for the deal grows in Congress and the public with every passing day is a testament to the importance and sensibility of this deal. Though this deal is not perfect, no compromises are. However, this saves us from experiencing the national catastrophes that took place during the wars the Bush administration waged in the Middle East all over again. 

Lucas Baker is a sophomore majoring in economics, international studies and political science.

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