Student Government to feature Freshman Council this fall

While Student Government (SG) officers work to represent the interests of students returning to campus, freshmen who will be newly arriving can also get involved.

“SG is an incredibly diverse organization, so most students can find a part of SG that meets their passions,” said SG Press Secretary Adam Orshan. “Ultimately, we want to help our fellow students succeed and explore their passions.”

This fall, SG will introduce a new program called the Freshman Leadership Council under the Executive Branch to encourage a more active freshman voice. SG Vice President Justin Borroto and two upperclassmen members will lead the council. Selected freshmen will work on various campus initiatives with other SG members, students, faculty and administration.

“The beautiful thing about coming to college is that it’s a fresh start,” Borroto said. “I had absolutely no Student Government experience before my sophomore year at UM, and there are always ways to constantly get involved.”

Freshmen who are involved in SG next fall will also have the opportunity to be paired up with an upperclassman SG mentor.

SG is comprised of six branches that are open to all students, including freshmen, regardless of their previous experience in any student government: Executive, Supreme Court, Senate, Category 5, ECO Agency and Elections Commission.

“The more energetic voices and opinions we have to formulate and execute new ideas, the better,” SG Treasurer Robert Chiste said. “Through our six dynamic branches, students from every college can find something they are very passionate about while building connections and friendships with a diverse and active group of people who share those same passions.”

Involvement in SG not only helps students diversify their experience at UM but also allows them to gain skills for the future and make memories.

“SG has helped me in more ways than I can count,” SG President Bhumi Patel said. “I’ve grown through my experiences, learned time management skills, learned to step out of my comfort zone, and my passion for the university has grown. I met some of my best friends through SG and made connections that will help me in my future.”

Borroto said that learning the inner workings of UM and doing things to make the college experience better is the best way to become a part of it.

“Being a ‘Cane isn’t about wearing green and orange while you’re here, but bleeding green and orange for life,” he said.

Students looking to get involved in Student Government can check out the “get involved” tab at or e-mail President Bhumi Patel at