Campus should exercise civic duty

The 2012 elections may be over, but our work is not done yet. Tuesday is Election Day for Coral Gables, and I urge you to stay civically engaged and vote. In essence, all politics are local, and we have the chance to make a difference.

Ross Hancock is running for group two city commissioner, and he is the best candidate to represent the needs of University of Miami students.

Ross gets it. He’s run in our district before and has visited our campus dozens of times in the last few years. UM students have his ear when it comes to policy initiatives, including a student advisory board.

When Ross ran for state representative, he fought to make college more affordable. Ross supports the overpass at U.S. 1 and Mariposa that can save student lives.

He supports equal representation for all Coral Gables residents regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation.

He backs a progressive drug policy that allows police to focus on real crime and not non-violent offenders.

Ross believes in creating a sustainable economy and environment. He best reflects the values of UM and the Coral Gables community.

Ross has been endorsed by several organizations, such as the Sierra Club, SAVE Dade, Democracy for America and Commissioner Maria Anderson. We are honored to add our name to this list.

Ross will be a great city commissioner and an even better representative of the UM community.


Jordan Lewis is the president of the Young and College Democrats.