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The Killers return from hiatus with more personal album

After a summer packed with candy-pop tunes like “Call Me Maybe” and “Part of Me,” this autumn marks the return of the The Killers, after a four-year hiatus, with the release of the band’s fourth album, “Battle Born.”

Released on Sept. 18, “Battle Born” marks a new era for The Killers, straying away from the last album, “Day & Age.” The band fortunately returns with a vengeance to give their fans a “Hot Fuss” edge mixed with the synth sounds of “Day & Age.”

If you are still wondering whether their last single “Human” was “dancer” or “denser,” the lyrics in “Battle Born” are less confusing but as rich and more profound. They touch on personal issues about loss, coping, and the struggle to find a purpose.

The album’s openers “Flesh and Bones” and “Runaways” set the tone for the other songs. They remind listeners of the better days when ‘80s rock was considered a reputable genre that combined guitar solos with a pop beat. Both feature a backdrop of piano chords weaving lead singer Brandon Flowers’ haunting voice into a truly escapist experience.

“Runaways” is the album’s must-hear single and was released this summer. It combines the best of the old and new Killers with an explosive chorus that keeps the narrative verses together.

The album then continues with less catchy songs and more mellow tracks such as “Heart of a Girl,” “Be Still” and “Here with Me.” They lack the bravado of the singles but contain the best messages in any Killers album.

Overall, “Battle Born” should be listened to as The Killers’ mature effort with a novel sound that is sure to please devoted fans, newcomers and the past generation that miss Bon Jovi, Journey and, dare I say, Springsteen. Just a thought?

Alexander Gonzalez
Assistant Editor

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