Green and clean

While the Coral Gables campus may be a green, tropical paradise, it is also environmentally green. The UM community has taken numerous steps to reduce its ecological footprint and strengthen its efforts toward sustainability. Here are some of the latest initiatives that have sprung up across campus.

Green Buildings

The University of Miami has pledged itself to honor the Talloires Declaration of the Association of University Leaders for a Sustainable Future (ULSF), an international statement signed by university chancellors and presidents from over 40 countries that plans to incorporate environmental education into all facets of campus life. The implementation of the agreement at UM is expected to produce 11 environmentally friendly buildings and renovations by the end of 2013, including a clinical research building at the Miller School of Medicine, the Robert and Judi Prokop Newman Alumni Center and the Student Activities Center.

By Ely Sussman


Solar Trashcan

By Alysha Khan

In the upcoming weeks, a BigBelly Solar garbage can will be placed outside the Richter Library. The trash can, which also doubles as recycling bin, uses solar energy to power an internal compacter. Once the trash reaches a certain level, it is compacted to create more space in the trash can. The BigBelly trashcan has been purchased by campuses nationwide, including Harvard University, Arizona State University and the University of Boston.


Residents from the Special Interest Housing (SIH) community in a portion of Eaton Residential College will be members of a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded project generated by UM’s College of Engineering.  This project was developed to create and establish a new system of conserving energy by recycling wastewater. The building process has not started due to delays in infrastructure, but the innovation should be available to students by January 2013, according to Jon Baldessari, the associate director of housing and residential life at Eaton Residential College.

By Jordana Levinson


The Office of Admissions now features an iPad room with six iPads and three computers, located in the waiting room next to the door. Information cards are completed and filed electronically. It has become a useful tool for reducing the use of paper and improving efficiency in the office. A new program called Target X works in conjunction with the iPads to reduce the quantity of paper mail by sending emails instead of paper mail.

by Alejandra Acuna

UV Contest

September will bring the announcement of the University Village energy contest, which will put building against building for raffle prizes. The contest will be a pilot project for the entire campus and will work to impact student behavior even after they have left UM.

By Alysha Khan