Repealing health care will only set the US back further

A couple of weeks ago, the GOP led an effort to repeal the Obama administration’s health care bill. It passed in the House, but failed in the Senate.

A repeal of this law would boost our deficit by at least $143 billion at a time when the GOP is trying to cut corners to eliminate the deficit. A repeal would also deny people with pre-existing conditions access to health care and widen the Medicare donut hole that costs seniors thousands of dollars a year.

The bill that Obama signed gives health care to 32 million people who previously had no coverage at all. This repeal takes all of that away. The bill does not go as far as many Democrats hoped, but if it is repealed, millions will lose everything. Medical costs are the leading cause of debt in the United States.

Paradoxically, some GOP House members have complained that their government health care plans haven’t kicked in. Those who voted against health care or voted for the repeal should give up their health care if they really want to make a point. And let us keep ours.

Universal health care is important for the well-being of our people and the prosperity of our country. Almost every other industrialized country has had a universal health care system for decades and coincidentally, the quality of health care in those countries is equal to or better than the care Americans receive.

Instead of weakening health care, let’s make it stronger. We can help the millions of Americans who really need coverage while making insurance cheaper for all Americans.

Jordan Lewis is the public relations chair for UM’s Young College Democrats. He may be contacted at