Spring’s most heated trends

Marlena Skrobe // Photo Editor
Marlena Skrobe // Photo Editor

With the return of Miami’s infamous heat, students at the University of Miami are beginning to sizzle with exciting accessories and daring footwear in March… but others are still left out in the cold, unaware of this month’s latest trends. Read on to learn the secrets of comfortable shoes, flats gone horribly wrong, mysteriously alluring pants and jewelry glitz.

Now that we’re on the topic of shoes, let me tell you I was simply taken aback when I saw a girl wearing ballet flat crocs. No, I do not mean crocodile-skin flats. Crocs, those disgusting plastic shoes, in ballet flat form, in bubblegum pink. I physically cringed when I saw someone wearing them in English class one morning, so please don’t be a fashion victim if you own a pair. Toss them or save them for a sorority mixer (theme: ballerinas gone horribly wrong).

When I originally saw the infomercial for PajamaJeans I thought they were appalling. People are already wearing leggings as pants, so why should we confuse them with these pseudo jeans? I was horrified. But each time the commercials come on TV, the PajamaJeans become more and more alluring. I am sorry to say that I secretly want to order a pair of these mysterious pants that “look like denim… but feel like PJs.” Come on, what could be better for those late nights studying in the stacks?

Monogrammed pendants
Students across campus have recently been wearing gold, monogrammed pendants and I am obsessed with the ladylike charms. Whether it’s just an initial or a full monogram design on the pendant, this personal touch adds an extra air of elegance to an outfit. Tiffany, Max and Cleo, and Ross Simons in particular offer very versatile options, but designs are available in a variety of price ranges from most jewelers.

TOMS shoes
TOMS shoes are a modern replacement for classic Keds; they casually blend with your outfit and are super comfortable. Everyone has been wearing them lately. These shoes are great for the walk to class and come in a wide variety of colors and styles (there’s a new wedge version of their classic shoe- super cute). They also help provide footwear for children in need. Fashion and philanthropy in one fell swoop!

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