Clearing up housing concerns

Frustrations and confusion will undoubtedly abound Tuesday afternoon when administrators and students gather to discuss grievances regarding on-campus housing.

The forum, which will occur Tuesday at 5 p.m. in the Pearson Residential College classrooms, will be an opportunity for annoyed students to voice their concerns over recent housing issues.

Student Government President Lionel Moise is expected to be in attendance at the forum.

“[At the forum] you’ll get a clear-cut answer on what happens now if you didn’t get opted in for housing,” Moise said. “You’ll learn what it means if you did get opted into housing. It’ll help to clear up any miscommunication and any other questions students may have about the issue.”

Jim Smart, director of the department of residence halls, and Gilbert Arias, assistant vice president for student affairs, will also be in attendance.

“The goal is to work in conjunction with SG to further help students understand the process and waiting list,” Vice President for Student Affairs Pat Whitely said in an e-mail to The Miami Hurricane. “Again, I do believe we will be able to accommodate those students who wish to live on campus in the fall, recognizing that we do have some areas like the University Village which will have higher demand.”

The recent housing rift first began when Smart released an e-mail statement to the university community about next semester’s housing availability. He was not available over the weekend to comment on this article.

If You Go:

What: Housing Forum

When: Tuesday, 5 p.m.

Where: Pearson Classrooms

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