Dear V: I embarrassed myself during sex… is he still interested?

Dear V,

So I’ve hooked up with this guy twice and the sex is AMAZING (and I am extremely picky, like most guys are just a horrible disappointment). But this sex has been embarrassing. The first time my period showed up again after three days of being gone. That was embarrassing enough. But the second time, well apparently I’m a squirter. Luckily I’ve heard of it before, but I didnt know it seems like you wet the bed (which I know is not what happened)… Do I stand any chance of hooking up with this guy again?



Dear Squirter,

Looks like you’ve had some bad luck lately, but at least you had some amazingly hot sex, right?  The good news is he slept with you again after your first…incident, so clearly he’s interested enough to put that aside. As for the second mishap, I feel this is much more common in the bedroom than your previous goof, because one in every 10 women are prone to squirting. It’s actually something you can be proud of, because it’s hard to do and usually only achieved during maximum stimulation (meaning this guy must have done something right).

If the sex has been amazing for you, it’s most likely been the same for him. Despite your few issues thus far in the bedroom,  I don’t think you need to rule another hookup with this guy just yet. That first visit from Mother Nature is something most guys would probably freak over, but he came back for seconds meaning he obviously still sees something in you and didn’t want to let that ruin that fun. My advice would be to just act confident and forget those interruptions ever happened. If you act interested, he should follow suit, and hopefully things will start to go more smoothly. There aren’t many other accidents that can occur at this point so I think you’re safe from here on out.

Stay dry,