A guilt-free dessert

Finally, a place has opened in Miami where the health-conscious and the sweet-toothed alike can join together.
Yogen Früz, a frozen yogurt establishment that originated in Canada in 1986, has arrived conveniently close to campus, right on Sunset Drive and 59th Avenue.
The concept of the store is simple: blend fruit with plain frozen yogurt to create healthy desserts that customers can enjoy guilt-free.
Frozen fruit is blended right before customers with bars of natural, probiotic frozen yogurt that come in four different varieties. The plain yogurt has a hint of vanilla and comes in low-fat, non-fat and no sugar. The fourth option is a low-fat chocolate yogurt.
Yogurt blends can then be topped with fresh fruit that is brought in daily, dry fruit and nuts or sweeter choices like chocolate shavings, graham cracker crumbs or Oreo pieces. Some of these confections, such as the chocolate shavings and the graham cracker crumbs, can be blended right into the yogurt. The store also recently added a green tea flavor made with natural matcha powder that can also be blended with any fruit (try it with the peaches, for a peach green tea frozen yogurt!).
Another option at Yogen Früz is soft-serve that can be topped with any of the aforementioned items. The soft-serve comes in two flavors, a delicious tangy yogurt that pairs perfectly with any fruit on the menu, as well as the sweeter açaí-flavored soft-serve which goes well with berries and chocolate shavings.
Smoothies are also a part of the Yogen Früz menu. While the store menu offers ideas such as Tropical Storm, Raspberry Blast, Blueberry Breeze and Peach Berry Sunset, customers can blend any fruit with their choice of orange, cranberry or pineapple juice. Energy, antioxidant, protein and slimming boosts can also be added to the smoothies.
The best part of Yogen Früz is that it caters to all dietary needs. Desserts are low in sugar and yogurt smoothie bases can be replaced by sorbet bases that are lactose-free.
Prices are also ideal for students, ranging from $2.50 for a small cup of soft serve to $6.95 for a large smoothie.
The atmosphere reflects the concept of the store. Simple white walls are covered with catchy phrases incorporating the letter ü from the store’s name. The best one, of course, is “It’s all about ü.”

Alexandra Leon may be contacted at aleon@themiamihurricane.com.