Letter to the Editor: Segway security guard article unfair

As a student patrol aide (aka ridiculous segway guard), I found Evan Seaman’s uninformed diatribe about security to be most irresponsible and disturbing.

Lets take apart his childish rant one point at a time…Evan accused us as being lazy because we ride Segways. I don’t know what most of you do for student employment, but I bet it doesn’t involve standing in the Miami heat for four to eight hours at a time. We are purposely ‘conspicuous’ in our fluorescent orange shirts. Why do you think police officers wear uniforms? In order to deter crimes from even occurring, police and security are highly visible to criminals. Evan, I have been flagged down many times to give directions, all you need to do is speak. Just because I am all of two feet above you, doesn’t mean that I have lost my sense of hearing. In fact, I have apprehended a laptop thief from the library and someone breaking into cars already.

What constructive things do you perform for this campus? In my years of reading this paper, I have never seen an article that blatantly makes fun of a group of students such as Evan’s “opinion” has done. Should I start a blog saying that Evan’s last name is funny and ridiculous? No, I’ll take the high road and continue to help protect campus. But why should I continue to help a student body that obviously has no respect for me?

-Rick Gusmano, senior