Trojan survey shows cities with the best and most sex

Every year, Trojan Condoms sponsors a survey across the hottest cities in the US – although, ironically, this year Miami was not included.

The survey asks Americans to rate the quality and frequency of their sex.

Only 21 percent responded being “extremely satisfied” with their sex lives, and 30 percent reported being generally “dissatisfied.”

“It’s not surprising that the people surveyed reported wanting more sex. Studies have been reporting this for years,” said UM Professor Franklin Foote, sex therapist, lecturer and licensed psychologist.

Foote pointed out that the survey’s results are not always completely clear.

For example, the ranking of the “Rates of Sexual Satisfaction by City” had Atlanta having the highest rate of sexual satisfaction. However, the difference between Atlanta’s rate and that of other cities was not significant.

The “Sexual Frequency by City (per year)” did show Houston as the lucky winner in regularity and San Francisco as the sad loser out of the 10 cities surveyed.

When it comes to sexual creativity and curiosity, 76 percent of Americans said that they are always looking for ways to make sex more exciting.

Dr. Foote warns, though, that the number of people who say they will, versus the number of people who actually do, always varies.

“At least with vibrators and vibrating sex toys, women often report more satisfaction than men,” Foote said.