Letter to the Editor: Canes aren’t classy

The writer of last week’s “Stay Classy, Miami” has no idea what it means to be a Hurricane football fan. I hate FSU as much as the next psycho-passionate, borderline deranged ‘Cane, but you can’t slam them for using our “U” in a derogatory word, or flying “thUg” signs.

Calling us thugs is about as offensive as telling me I have very pleasant breath. That’s who we are. We love it. The thug mentality put us on the map, so unless you’d like to return those pretty glass footballs, embrace it.

And yes, as the writer of the staff editorial commented, FSU fans held signs saying “Muck Fiami,” but how many times have you berated some midwestern, linebacker-loving yokel as a Bucking F***eye? And let’s not forget the Hurricane’s loving homage to FSU’s war chant. So stop being such a hypocrite. Hate swings both ways. As Kellen Winslow II said, “This is war… I’m a f***ing soldier.” So as much as it pains me to defend FSU, I must tell you whiners to grow up because this is war.

I was glad to see J12 bring back the swagger that I love. When Doak Campbell Stadium was melting down, with Miami fans celebrating and FSU fans clawing their eyes out, our leader stood ice-cold on the sidelines, blank-faced, as if to say, “…yeah, so?”

Now I’ve heard some wannabe fans talking about, “If we beat OU, everybody should charge the field.” Two problems here: there is no “if”; and no true Miami fan will rush the field. That kind of thing is for second-rate teams, which Miami hasn’t been in over three decades. So while the rest of the country is gaping at the tube, scratching their heads and saying to themselves, “How did that happen?” true Canes will be standing in the bleachers at Landshark Stadium with their arms folded, saying, with a slight shrug, “…yeah, so?”

Oh, and another thing, Mr. Staff Writer, when it comes to game day, we ain’t got no class.

-Thomas Gibbons, Sophomore