Mobbs Juice—UM’s newest hip-hop star

The University of Miami is well known for its association with some of the most accomplished artists in today’s music industry.  Enrique Iglesias, John Secada and Gloria Estefan are just three of the many Grammy award-winning artists to have graduated from UM before achieving commercial success. With a musical style described as “fun, thought-provoking and relatable,” junior Miles Dotson hopes one day to add his name to that list of prominent Hurricanes in the music industry.

Dotson, who goes by the stage name of Mobbs Juice, said music was a big part of his childhood in Houston, Texas. Baptist-style worship and piano lessons helped Dotson realize his dream of becoming a musician.

“All I ever wanted to do since I was a kid was make music,” Dotson said. “It goes back as far as I can remember.”

As for his stage name, the 20-year-old Dotson said that it, too, came from his childhood.

“Juice was always my nickname. My friends used to call my god-brother ‘Sauce’ and they needed a nickname for me,” he said. “It wasn’t until I got to Miami when I added the ‘Mobbs’ part.”

Dotson feels that coming to UM has provided him with connections that were crucial to his early musical success. His motivation behind majoring in electrical engineering was based on becoming a well-rounded musician.

“The industry is calling for a more qualified and skilled professional nowadays. Basically, I want to be the vocals going into the mic and the engineer on the other side of the glass.”

In addition to his studies and his music, Dotson worked as a resident assistant in Stanford Residential College last year. Marlow Svatek, a junior who worked in the Towers with him, certainly recognized his passion.

“His music has really flowed over into his life,” she said. ” It’s hard to distinguish Miles with his music and without it.  I’ve seen him live, and I’m hoping he makes it big!”

After beginning production on his second mixtape this past April, Dotson finished the album, called ChallengHER, over the summer and re-released it on Sept. 8. His sophomore effort has a defined hip-hop feel to it, as Dotson listed Notorious B.I.G, Tupac Shakur and Nas among his biggest influences.

“I’m not just a rapper, though. I present all brands of music. Listen to the album, and you’ll see for yourself,” Dotson said.

Dotson posted ChallengHER to the popular mixtape site, but believes that it is through his live shows where he will gain more notoriety. He is already planning his first tour, set to kick off the summer of 2010.