Grove Shuttles back in Sept.

Revamped Ibis Ride to return Sept. 24

Last semester, the controversial decision to cancel the Ibis Ride left students without a way to get to Coconut Grove.

The Ibis Ride will not immediately be reinstalled, but the Dean of Students Office, DOSO, has formulated plans for its return.

The popular Ibis Ride Shuttle will commence again this semester with a proposed start date of September 24- this time, however, with stricter rules on student conduct.

According to Assistant Dean of Student Nanette Vega, the reason behind the delayed start date is to give students the chance to adjust to campus life without the shuttle service.

The program was cancelled on April 7 because of recurring incidents of violence in addition to frequent incidents of inappropriate behavior related to alcohol.

Though a student government campaign to “Save the Ibis Ride” did have a small impact on behavior in the shuttles, it was not enough for DOSO to allow the program’s continuation.

“The university has no desire to annually threaten cancellation of the Ibis Ride Shuttle,” wrote Ricardo Hall, Dean of Students, in an email to The Miami Hurricane.

On Sept. 24, the shuttle will run Thursdays through Saturdays, 9 p.m. – 2 a.m., with pickup points at Stanford Circle and the apartment area.

Students will be required to present their CaneCard to be allowed on the shuttle. According to Vega, violators of university rules and regulations will be banned from the service.

“We cannot ignore behavior that places our students and the drivers at risk while promoting a negative image of our students and the university,” said Hall.

“I am very appreciative that the administration kept Student Government involved and in the loop for all of the Ibis Ride discussions,” said Lionel Moise, the student government president. “They were very receptive to the opinions of students in regards to bringing the Ibis Ride back and I am very excited that it will be running this fall.”

There will be no Ibis Ride Shuttle for Halloween this year, according to Vega.