UMPD creates Facebook group

The University of Miami Police Department wants you as their fan – on Facebook.

You see them around campus making sure we don’t run stop signs and giving out tickets when we feel the need for speed, but what about Facebook?

The UMPD is online now and is looking for fans on Facebook.

“That’s hilarious,” Michelle Quesada said. “ I guess they gave into the craze. I feel like you can literally find anyone on this thing,.”

Over 500 police departments got on board the Facebook Train. Crime prevention officer John Pepper said the main reason for opening this group is because they saw that many other police departments are on the network and it seems like an easy way to keep in touch. It is also a way to see how the community will respond.

Because the UMPD did not want to be held responsible for any content found on profiles that may be on their friends list, they decided to have fans instead of friends.

“I am a fan of the commencement group online because I am graduating this year, and I feel like it keeps me in touch with what is going on, but I am not sure I would add the UMPD,” Stephanie Cerevino said.

Many students feel that if there is an important message that needs to get around, the emails and text messages are more efficient.

The group had 41 fans at the time of publication.

“Most of our fans are actually outside of the university,” Officer John Pepper said.

The UMPD is also on MySpace and would like to know how the UM community feels. Students and faculty can express their ideas through a wall post or by calling the department at (305) 284-6666