Our opinion: Spring break visitors cramping our style

For some of us, the Grove is only blossoming in our hearts. But for others, particularly seniors, Coconut Grove is part of our home. The Grove is a two and – for others (see: alcoholics) – three time-per-week ordeal.

When’s the last time you waited on a line to get into Barracuda’s? What about Boardwalk, for Pete’s sake? Swarms of Gotti brothers look-alikes from up north have overrun our neighborhood and bought out CVS and Walgreen’s for their entire supply of hair gel. We’re not going to stand for it.

We understand that in these tough economic times in South Florida, tourist dollars are more valuable than ever. It’s not that we want to shun potential visitors, it’s just that we have very few places to ourselves in this town. Coconut Grove is the closest thing many of us have to a real “college town” feel, and when snowbirds start cramping our style and our bars, it makes us a little…perturbed.

You might be curious as to what counter-measures might help in avoiding and/or destroying these “SB ‘09ers”. Whoever said “it doesn’t hurt to try” was brilliant. If you encounter a line at Barracuda’s or Mr. Moe’s, stealthily head towards the front door. When the bouncer sticks his hand out, sympathize, empathize and realize that you’re part of the local crew. Tell him how much you hate these f-ing kids coming to your bars and that most of them are underage.

It is probable that you have friends of friends coming into town over the next few weeks, and by all means, show them the time of their lives. Show them how the Canes do it every day.
If you’re unfortunate enough to have to talk to one of these kids not visiting anyone, convince them that South Beach is better and that’s what spring break is really about. Whatever you have to do to get these kids out of our bars, do it.