Dear V: Help! My boyfriend’s a model!

Dear V,

I’m dating a really hot guy. I know, most people would probably wonder what my problem is. He’s too hot! He recently got a gig posing for a charity calendar with his job, and with it comes a lot of public appearances — and a lot of women. While I’m proud of my boyfriend’s success, I’m not so comfortable with all of these ladies grabbing at him and eyeing him like a piece of meat. How can I come to terms with this?


-Side Dish

Dear Side Dish,

The grass is always greener, isn’t it? A woman will dump or flat-out reject a potential suitor because he isn’t attractive enough for her standards. But once she meets a man who has won the genetic lottery, a whole new set of problems arises. Funny how that works!

Physical attraction is nothing at all to be ashamed of. It has, and always will, play a major role in finding a partner — even in the animal kingdom. So, the good news is that your hunk of a boyfriend clearly finds you attractive (and people tend to be most into those who share some kind of physical similarities). Keep this in mind while you are “coming to terms” with his revealing obligations.

And while I can’t be the one who can bring you to a positive revelation, I am more than happy to point you in the right direction with a few tidbits of thought:

First and foremost, you seem as though you genuinely care about the success and happiness of this hot flame of yours. This is a great start! If your intentions are sincere, I am positive that he picks up on them. Sincerity is a wonderful thing to bring into a relationship. If your beau knows that you care so much about his own welfare, then he should also be concerned about yours. Let him know how happy you are for him, but feel free to ask him how he feels about being ogled and pinched by his admirers. Perhaps he is just a comfortable, confident guy who will bear all for the right cause.

Also keep in mind (as cliché as this sounds) that the truth will set you free! By talking to him, you might find out that this Adonis enjoys strutting his stuff for the ladies, simply because he can bask in their admiration. Is this the type of guy that you want to be dating?

Your affection for your boyfriend should be more piercing than the stares (and fingernails) of his female spectators. With you by his side, he could be reminded that he is more than just a “piece of meat” to someone he cares about.

And do you really think that he will find new love amongst a sea of horny women?

Best of luck!