Seana Campbell memorial service Friday

If one had the chance to meet her, they could see the sparkle in her eyes and the charm in her smile that exuded the compassion and love that guided her life, and brought her within months of graduating from the University of Miami with magna cum laude honors.

On Friday, Nov. 21, at 6 p.m. in the physics courtyard of the McArthur Engineering Building, her peers and family will be able to remember her one last time.

Seana Tiffani Campbell, a 22-year-old student pursuing a dual degree in architectural engineering and environmental engineering, passed away on Tuesday, Aug. 29, after being fatally wounded in a scooter accident while on vacation in Mexico.

Her sister, Aimee, was also involved in the traffic accident, but sustained minor injuries.

“She was a really loving individual,” said Amanda Nurse, Campbell’s best friend and roommate for three years at UM. “She always tried to find the good in people.”

In addition to being elected president of both UM’s chapter of Amnesty International and the Chi Epsilon civil engineering honor society, she was involved with the Baptist Campus Ministry, Society of Women Engineers, American Society of Civil Engineers, Engineers Without Borders and many more student organizations.

“She added environmental engineering to make a difference in this world. She loved learning and would always stay up in the library until late,” Nurse said. “She was really artistic and really creative.”

“Knowing her through the Baptist collegiate ministry, I know she had a pure and genuine heart and cared about every single individual that she encountered,” said Emily McCollum, a senior public relations major and a former president of BCM. “I was saddened to hear of her passing. She will be missed by many, but will remain loved by all.”

Seana enjoyed expressing herself through art and frequently rock climbed. She had an interest in environmental issues.

“She was going to save the world,” Nurse said. “She loves the environment. She’s just so loving. She didn’t have to pass away for me to have to emulate her because she was truly a role model.”

The memorial services on Friday at the physics courtyard by the McArthur School of Engineering will allow those who knew her in the UM community to share some final words and retell memories of Seana. The services are open and any student can attend.

Those interested in learning more about Seana’s life can visit and see some photos that were uploaded for the public. In addition, a tribute Facebook page titled “In Loving Memory of Seana Campbell” allows you to comment about her and share any feelings you may have.

One friend wrote: “Seana was one of the most caring people in the world, when we went out she always kept me inline like an angel on my shoulder. I will never forget her.”

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