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ORLANDO – Beginning Dec. 1, public schools in Florida have to implement a uniformed anti-bullying policy after a bill was signed into law by Gov. Charlie Crist. The bill was the result of a three-year effort from a teacher whose son committed suicide after being bullied.

WASHINGTON – Sales of weapons have increased since Barack Obama won the presidency. Buyers and sellers attribute the surge to worries that Obama and a Democratic-controlled Congress will move to restrict firearm ownership, despite campaign aides saying Obama supports gun rights and considers the issue a low priority.

BAGHDAD – Iraqi-owned company North Oil has signed a contract for $3.5 billion with a Chinese state-owned oil corporation, CNPC.

MARIVAN, Iran – Iran test fired a new missile near the Iraqi border during a military maneuver. Iran warned American forces in Iraq last week that American helicopters were spotted flying close to Iran’s airspace.