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The University of Miami School of Business Administration’s executive MBA program is now ranked No. 1 among Florida business schools according to the Financial Times. UM’s EMBA program is ranked No. 33 in the Americas and No. 76 in the world. The School of Business Administration’s research ranking, based on the quality of its faculty, is now No. 31 worldwide, up sixteen spots since last year.

The UM School of Communication Knight Center for International Media has announced its second Anchor Project, an long-term project aimed at identifying the problems of today’s rapid urbanization and improving the quality of urban life. “As a journalism and media-based center, we will focus on gathering knowledge about the process of rapid urbanization in several cities around the world, starting with Miami,” said Sanjeev Chatterjee, the Knight Center’s executive cirector.

University of Miami’s Crime Prevention Officer John Pepper was sworn in as vice president of the Coral Gables Citizen’s Crime Watch Executive Board, a non-profit organization founded in 1980 to educate the citizens of Coral Gables about crime and fire prevention and personal safety.