Entertainment News Rundown

Britney’s sis doing it again?!

Pop songstress Britney Spears is in the midst of a comeback, with a new album and a tour to follow. But sister Jamie Lynn just won’t let big sis have the spotlight! Just a month after she had her first child, the 17-year-old Jamie Lynn is reportedly eight weeks into her second pregnancy. Stay tuned for updates on who the father is, and why the f she’s having two babies by the age of 17.

Duchovny gives up his rated-X files

David Duchovny, star of the cult-favorite TV show “X-Files,” has recently been released from rehab for a sexual addiction. According to reports, Duchovny checked himself in for a 35-day program a little over a month ago and his lawyer claims, “David has successfully completed his rehabilitation.” Is it just me, or is the 48-year-old David Duchovny not the most tantalizing star you’d like to imagine having a sex addiction?


Halle the sexiest?

In their most recent issue, Esquire Magazine named actress Halle Berry the sexiest woman alive. Though some may not agree with the pick, Halle feels she deserves it – just not now. She joked with the magazine, “I’ve been in the business for more than 20 years, and you decide now, at this particular time, that I’m the sexiest woman alive? Come on. I mean, you couldn’t go with the Bond girl year?”