Purdy Lounge: A different kind of party

If you could describe Miami’s Purdy Lounge with one word, it would definitely be eclectic. This peculiar place is somewhat hidden from the regular South Beach crowds and this fact has served its atmosphere well. This is one of the few places by the beach where a Regular Joe doesn’t have to worry about lines, scrutinizing bouncers or a high cover charge.

If taking I-395 towards South Beach, follow the Alton Road ramp and make a left on 18th Street, keep on going a couple of blocks and there you’ll find Purdy Avenue. Located just a few blocks from the beach, this lounge with no attitude serves as the frequent stage for a menagerie of local bands, which act as magnets to people who seek soulful and live entertainment. Open every night of the week, Purdy gets impressively packed, yet still keeps its cool and relaxed atmosphere.

Two rooms, a stage, comfortable sofas, large TVs usually showing sports, a pool table (for those averse to talking and/or dancing,) chairs – including a giant hand – and quirky decorations make the main room of Purdy warm and eccentric. Lava lamps crown the stage while colorful light bulbs reminiscent of Mexican festivals adorn the ceiling, a few small skulls and curious tribal figures show themselves between the bottles of the bar in the main room. Pictures of the video game Street Fighter give a spoonful of the ’90s to the age-appropriate crowd. Twenty-one and over are welcomed to party, at a reasonable price, and Purdy is hugely successful at bringing in crowds because, as Carlos Acevedo, 28, says, “it has the high energy of a club and the relaxed atmosphere of a bar all in one great place.”

Monday’s are a popular night at Purdy as they feature Jean P. Jam, a reggae band that can make the place tremble. In the back room, DJ Doormouse spins hip-hop and hardcore reggae so get ready to see some heavy grinding. On Tuesdays the house features O’Hellnah, playing a variety of retro, electro, ’80s tunes, nu-rave, top 40 hits and hip-hop. But if your thing is live music, on the last Wednesday of every month Purdy houses the Spam Allstars, playing a sound fusion which can’t be missed nor forgotten. Females also should be aware of Thursday’s Ladies Night, that is for those interested in drinking free – and responsibly – from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.

Although every night is a great night out at Purdy, the best party seems to be on Saturdays, which features “Music For Yo Mama.” Also, on “Chocolate Sundays,” party-goers can purchase a “Happy Meal” for 6 bucks, which consists of a shot of J├Ąger and a Miller High Life. On the weekends both rooms host DJs such as Jessica Who?, Ray Millian, Maneuvers and Matt Cash.

Purdy Lounge is a lounge with no attitude where the good times roll any day of the week. Still skeptical? Take a stroll down South Beach and try to get to any of the high-end clubs. Once frustrated, walk right in to Purdy… you’ll feel relieved, right at home, and ready to begin your evening’s festivities.