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Venue Feature: Under-the-radar hipster heaven


In the oversaturated, over-drugged and over-sexed haven of Miami, there are few nightspots left that haven’t been tapped into yet in a big way. These under-the-radar clubs and lounges are amazing destinations for a night out with friends or a date you’re trying to impress with your nightlife know-how. One of these places is White Room, in the design district in downtown Miami.

White Room is located downtown between random old buildings and factories a few blocks off of US-1, but don’t be fooled by its surroundings. As soon as you enter White Room, you know you’re in for something you haven’t yet experienced in Miami – a relaxed outdoor/indoor venue with good music and genuinely fun people.

The first time this club was made relevant to a lot of people was when they hosted nightly events during 2007’s Winter Music Conference, and with guests like DJ A-Trak, Moby and Calvin Harris, music nerds from all corners of Miami gathered to their new favorite venue.

White Room consists of three sections: the White Room (fittingly), the main room, where there is a main stage either reserved for either performers or drunken females showing off sexy moves; the Red Room, a small section equipped with a bar, a DJ booth and a dance floor so intimate it may be hard to leave the room alone; and the outdoor section, a tropical escape for tired dancers, outfitted with cabanas and yet another bar.

Being only twenty minutes from campus, White Room is conveniently located and is just a $20 cab ride away. Though the drinks there may be a bit expensive, they’re roughly the same as any other Miami nightclub, but there is never a cover charge for parties.

In the off chance you don’t fall in love with White Room, it is one of three clubs on one street – the other two being hip-hop haven PS 14 and hipster locale the Vagabond. A promotions company called PopLife manages and plans parties at all three venues, and by bringing in different crowds, DJs and performers, there’s no end to the diversity you can experience on North Miami Avenue.

One unspoken requirement for a PopLife party, however, is to dress not only to impress but to damn near shock and awe. During any given night out at White Room, you might see anything from a suit cut into a short-sleeve shirt and shorts and accented with hi-tops, to a open-backed dress cut so low that one slight bend just might cause an unsuspecting man to fall out of his chair. So, be prepared to pull out that pastel tank-top and skinny jeans you’ve been too embarrassed to wear, because White Room is all about looking fresh and forward, but being comfortable while you do it.

If you’re stuck this weekend between the typical Grove, the expensive South Beach or an overcrowded house party, try out something new with White Room. Just make sure you don’t tell too many people you’re going, because the essence of White Room is that it’s a diamond in the rough of Miami.           

White Room is located at 1306 North Miami Avenue, Miami, FL. For more information, visit whiteroommiami.com or White Room’s MySpace page.

Dan Buyanovsky
Senior Writer

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