Rebuilding year ends for UM debate team

Last weekend’s varsity nationals at Arizona State University marked the end of the tournament season for the debate team. Although the team did not make it to quarter finals, debate coaches Matt Grindy and Nicole Coleston were happy with the performance.
“Everyone has worked so hard this year, and they have become addicted to debating,” Grindy said.
According to debate team members, the current team was comprised of mainly new members who had never debated in the past.
“I was looking for an extracurricular activity that I could put a lot into and get just as much or more in return, and I feel that I have gotten that from debate,” Tiffany Yelder, freshman, said.
On average, per week, a debater puts in four hours of group research and practice drills and ten hours of individual preparation.
“What made us successful this year is that we are unified and there are no weaknesses that our team can not overcome together,” Skylar Zwick, debater, said.
Although the competitive season is over for this year, the team will continue to improve their skills throughout this year and over the summer.
Currently, the team is preparing a traveling debate show for local high schools.
This summer, they will be hosting a debate camp for high school students from June 16-27. Debaters will assist high school students in researching and compiling evidence as well as in helping them develop debating techniques.
With one year of experience behind them, the novice and junior varsity debate teams look forward to a successful season next year.
“We feel that we will be a regional powerhouse that will dominate the field,” Coleston said.
For more information on the debate team, contact David Steinberg, faculty advisor, at 305-284-1786.

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