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Letters to the Editor

Addressing the Ravicher matter

The social media posts by Professor Daniel Ravicher, a lecturer at the University of Miami School of Law, have continued to receive attention from the media, and he has continued to conduct interviews with various media outlets. Despite Ravicher’s public comments to the contrary, he has not been “fired,” nor “pushed out,” nor “cancelled,” nor otherwise threatened with termination of his contract by me or anyone el...

Professor Ravicher responds to criticism of his social media posts

On social media, I don’t deny having the temperament of a Dave Chappelle or Bill Maher, who intentionally provoke listeners with uncomfortable commentary. No one is forced to read my writings, but many do because they agree or enjoy engaging in similarly biting retort. I can dish it and take it, and usually both sides of Twitter battles leave better off for them. Yet here, instead of addressing the substance of my statements, critics have responded w...

A letter from faculty regarding Professor Ravicher

To the University of Miami Community:We write as faculty members of the University of Miami School of Law to address the recent public statements of Dan Ravicher, who currently teaches a University of Miami Law School practicum.On his Twitter account, Ravicher has promoted baseless claims about fraud in the presidential election, suggested a need to use lethal force against protesters after the election, compared calls for political accountability to the H...