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Friday, March 1, 2024
March 1 , 2024

‘Fast and Furious’ thrills but doesn’t think

For those who loved the first movie, were impartial to the second movie, and did not get the third movie, "Fast and Furious" is the sequel that should have been made in the first place.

GoMaRvelous hopes to take music world by storm

Walking to the Rock on a chaotic Sunday afternoon, one would not notice Marvin "Marvelous" Henderson in the middle of the crowd at first glance. But sit down and have a conversation with Henderson and his unforgettable alter-ego GoMaRvelous emerges.

Singer Chana to perform in Bayfront Park

Chana (short for Rosanna) is a dancer, actress, and television show host, in addition to being a singer. She'll be performing in downtown this Friday.

Band Spotlight: Tristan and the Juice

Former University of Miami student Tristan Clopet formed his own band, Tristan and the Juice, and is making a living as a local musician.

Movie Review: ‘High School Musical 3’

Check out EDGE's feature on the brand-new installment of High School Musical. Is it worth the price of a movie ticket?

Movie Review: ‘W.’

Check out EDGE's take on the new Oliver Stone biopic based on the life of our hapless current President, George W. Bush.

MacKenzie Green

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