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February 26 , 2024

President Frenk hints at more normalcy next semester

Campus-wide email says next semester will look more like pre-COVID UM.

UM victim of cyber-attack, student information potentially compromised

The University of Miami was the victim of a cyber-attack and now subsequent ransom request. The news was first reported by Bleepingcomputer.com.

3 frats suspended, 1 removed from campus

These mark the first suspensions of the semester after months of partying by Greek Life organizations.

UM student charged with child pornography distribution, possession

A University of Miami student was arrested on Dec. 9 for possession and distribution of child pornography.

Another weekend, another party. Yet, no suspensions from administration and...

“The administration knows what we are doing and they just don’t care:" Greek Life keeps partying, some faculty become frustrated with lack of discipline.

Campaign violations delay executive results, senators announced

Although Student Government did not announce the winners of the executive ticket on Thursday because of pending trials, they announced the winners of various Senate seats. The winners are as follows.

Students receive false negative COVID test results, bigger concerns arise

“I would have liked an apology or something,” said Hadieh Zolfaghari, a junior studying psychology who received a false test result. She continued that she has still not received any follow up, which was corroborated by images of her MyUHealthchart.

‘The Uproar’ heads into election season with little competition...

The University of Miami Student Government elections are underway. For the executive branch, The Uproar ticket is the only full ticket running this year and features three Student Government veterans. They are competing against two independent candidates. The legislative elections are filled with 19 candidates, eight of which are competing for the Herbert Business School senate seat.

Phi Delt and AEPi ordered to cease operations, others continue to party

After weeks of partying and UM acknowledging high numbers of Covid-19 cases within the Greek Community, two fraternities are under investigation. Others that have repeatedly partied during the semester are still in "good standing" according to the Dean of Students office.

As fraternity parties continue across Miami, police departments struggle to...

Reports of large social gatherings are also non-emergency, which means police officers won’t respond as quickly if it were an emergency situation. Nonetheless, police officers still need to see the behavior. As a result, if a report is made and police arrive after the party, there is nothing that can be done.

Jesse Lieberman