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February 26 , 2024

Students raise concerns over fall finals schedule

“Everything is coming right after the other,” said Dominique. “Students should be using the break to take a breather and spend time with family, but because of the tightness of this year’s fall calendar, we’re basically forced to study and work on homework throughout the break.”

Florida Priorities Summit to facilitate discussions on issues impacting com...

“I feel that the Florida Priorities Summit will allow professionals and the public to partake in discussions on critical topics that are impacting our local community and beyond,” said Rick Hirsch, managing editor of the Miami Herald. “It’s important to encourage an open dialogue on these subjects and craft solutions.”

Impeachment inquiry developments spark continued debate

Members of the UM community weighed in on the ongoing impeachment inquiry.

Discuss and dine for free: Venzer to host special ‘Dinner & Dial...

Ellen Venzer, the University of Miami’s judge-in-residence will be hosting a "Dinner & Dialogues" event.

Family Weekend 2019 brings parents and students together

“It’s always such a good feeling to give my mom the biggest hug after not seeing her for a while”

When Christmas meets horror, ‘Santastein’ is born

Recent UM graduates Benjamin Edelman and Manuel Camilion have merged both horror and Christmas genres to create “Santastein,” a feature film about a Santa Claus-Frankenstein figure.

Student-run ‘BrewBike’ brings coffee, opportunity to UM student...

“Working at BrewBike Miami has already taught me so many invaluable lessons and skills that I will be able to apply directly in the classroom and carry with me in whatever career path I decide upon.”

Close call: UM avoids the worst of Dorian, students still affected

“Making it back to campus from home was probably one of the most difficult endeavors I’ve ever had to endure”

Hurricane specialist Bryan Norcross weighs in on Dorian

“Dorian is potentially as severe as the reports say, but there is always room for the weather reports to be wrong."

Spin Scooters to offer alternative transportation option on campus

Spin a shared electric scooter company, which began as a San Francisco startup in 2016, is now partnering with the University of Miami’s parking and transportation services to bring ride and park scooters to campus.

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