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April 21 , 2024

The fake news falsity

The crux of journalism is holding accountable those in power. So when those in power tell us not to pay attention to the press, it should raise some red flags—to say the least. President Trump’s cr...


You don’t need to be a journalist to reap the benefits a free press affords.

Going green is for you, too

On Earth Day, “going green” is a phrase as polarizing as it is vague.

Let teachers be teachers, not tenants

A great teacher can make a school feel like a home. That doesn't mean teachers should live so close to schools that the lines between work and rest are blurred.

Solving a campus and community period problem

Periods are a pain – calling them “shark week” or hiding tampons up your sleeve won’t help with that.

An open letter to Marjory Stoneman Douglas’ student journalists

We just wanted to say you’re making us proud – as journalists, as students, as people – and your commitment to telling your story has not gone unnoticed.

Dear senders of angry emails: Here’s why we do what we do

There’s never a good time to break bad news. So why do we do it?

Students, keep up the commotion post-Parkland

As the survivors demand “never again,” we should, too.

Student Government should improve efficacy through education

A problem arises when students outside of Student Government are not aware of the election timetable.

Concussion problem calls for introspection and compassion

More than 100 million of us watched the game on Feb. 4 and come fall, we’ll still file happily into Hard Rock Stadium.

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