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Thursday, February 29, 2024
February 29 , 2024

The indoctrination that comes with a Catholic education

For ten years, I was trained to be anti-abortion. But as a junior at the University of Miami, I feel compelled to argue that this framework to educate young minds is toxic.

The decline of our democracy in the face of furloughed federal workers

The federal workers affected by the shutdown are crucial employees to American safety.

An American pipe dream

Khashoggi’s death, his immigrant status, and Trump’s joy for money remind us that the United States executive branch does not care for journalism

What Kavanaugh’s nomination really means

If not even those who belong to the United States’ highest court of law can be held accountable, who can?

Don’t leave immigrants’ lives to luck

How do we define the line that decides who is fortunate enough to lay their feet on American soil?

Progressive settings still lack real diversity

Even the most progressive companies still lack diversity. We shouldn’t be comfortable with that idea.

Daniela Perez