Paul Pavlou appointed as Miami Herbert Business School dean

Paul Pavlou is begins his new appointment as Miami Herbert Business School dean on July 1. Photo courtesy of University of Houston.

Paul Pavlou joined the University of Miami as the newly appointed dean of the Patti and Allan Herbert Business School on July 1, stepping into a role previously held by interim Dean Ann Olázabal.

Pavlou earned his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Rice University and went on to earn his master’s degree in electrical engineering at the University of Southern California.

He previously served as the dean and Cullen Distinguished Chair Professor at the University of Houston C.T. Bauer College of Business, where he worked to implement an interdisciplinary approach to learning within the business school.

With many years of education and expertise in engineering, information technology and artificial intelligence, Pavlou combines these fields within his job to create a unique experience for students.

Pavlou’s research has been used and cited over 90,000 times on Google Scholar. He has helped nearly 100% of Bauer College of Business students find and secure high-paying jobs.

“Both within the business school, from our undergraduate to our MBA programs and across the University, I look forward to working more closely together,” Pavlou said in an interview with University communications.

“The world of business has become so interdisciplinary, and business today transcends so many fields, from health care to engineering to the sciences and the arts. We need to develop our students as true business leaders who have a true multidisciplinary perspective.”

Students eagerly await Dean Pavlou’s influence, expressing high expectations for his leadership and deep respect for his past achievements and future plans for the business school.

“What I value most in a dean is that they are attentive to students’ needs and concerns, but they also help create an atmosphere filled with a unique and interesting approach to students’ learning,” said freshman accounting major Emma Sakinovic.

The importance of the collaboration between different aspects of interdisciplinary learning is an addition that Pavlou plans to implement, showing students the wide range of elements needed in both the business world and beyond.

“I really like how Paul Pavlou plans to use his new dean position to use his experience to help us business students develop,” said sophomore business analytics major Evan Patel. “As a student who cares about my education, having a dean like Paul Pavlou is just an addition the business school needs.”

Many Herbert Business students share a similar outlook about their education and the opportunities that the city of Miami offers, highlighting the perfect timing of Pavlou, whose primary concern is to provide business students with the resources to succeed.

“I take pride in being a Herbert Business student because of how well-rounded the teaching is and how I am in a city full of opportunities,” said junior finance major Kaden Walker. “Without the guidance from faculty, I wouldn’t be the student I am today.”

“It is a tremendously exciting time for both the Miami Herbert Business School and for Miami,” said Pavlou in an interview with University communications. “Miami is booming, and there is an unprecedented opportunity for the business school to be a driving force in the ecosystem of Miami.”