University of Miami’s class of 2028 is ambitious to get on campus

Photo credit: Roberta Macedo

The University of Miami’s class of 2028 is ready to embark on an academic journey driven by a desire for learning experiences and diverse culture.

Admission decisions for the class of 2028 were released April 1, 2024. The number of first-year applicants was 48,141 and 19% of those applications were accepted.

Amid the excitement of acceptance, the new class emphasized the importance of academics and told The Hurricane what they expected to experience at the University of Miami for the next four years.

At UM there are many student organizations and even more courses offered on a broad range of topics, creating several opportunities to explore academic and extracurricular interests.

“I hope to become close with my professors so I can ask for help and even inquire to do research. During high school, I formed close relationships with my math and science teachers, and always turned to them for help, recommendations, and extracurricular opportunities,” said Tyler Shapiro, an admitted student from Miami.

The University of Miami has over 300 on-campus registered student organizations. The university believes that student activities and organizations are important for student development by empowering students to participate in a variety of activities.

“I’m going to join a scuba club and intramural volleyball! I’m super excited, it seems awesome there. I’m also planning on rushing too! I’m super excited for the warm weather and the Miami nightlife,” said Kelly Mcdermott an admitted student from Rochester, New York.

The allure of the campus’s location and warm weather intrigues many students. Located just half an hour away from the city with famous nightlights and the beach, the university holds a great appeal.

“I would have to say that I am most excited to just be on Miami’s beautiful campus and explore a new city. I’m also eager to participate in intramural basketball and new clubs that pique my interest once I get there,” said Josh Lee, an admitted student from New York City.

Other students are expecting a rewarding academic journey ahead, displayed by their driven and motivated mindset, qualities highly valued by UM in its applicants.

“Honestly, I am mostly hoping for guidance to gain real experience in the finance world, whether that be internships UM helps provide or classroom projects that would simulate the line of work. I am also considering law school after obtaining a bachelor’s degree, so having an academic advisor or counselor who can develop a genuine personal relationship is very important to me,” said Elie Lervik, an admitted student from Washington D.C.

Beyond academics, the allure of Miami’s diverse community and cultural offerings resonates strongly with incoming students.

“As for what I am looking forward to, I am most excited to be surrounded by new people from all over the country and the world. Experiencing life outside of high school and meeting new people with diverse experiences can only be a positive impact on my own self-growth and socio-cultural awareness,” said Lervik.

As the class of 2028 embarks on a new journey, the university looks forward to welcoming them with diverse perspectives, support from peers and mentors, and many opportunities.