‘Canes take on the world: where UM students are going for spring break

Photo credit: Eva Ibert Roca
Photo credit: Eva Ibert Roca

Spring break and Miami seem like a match made in heaven, but the city loses its sparkle amidst the 10 p.m. curfews, overwhelming tourist crowds and spike in crime rates.

Despite the increased number of visiting college students in March, some UM students will begin the great migration out of Miami this weekend to get away from the noise.

Students of all grade levels plan to travel during spring break. For some, traveling means taking a trip home to rest and recuperate.

“I’m going home for spring break. I need to sleep,” said Laren Nygaard, a freshman business major. “Most of my friends are also going home.”

Other students, like sophomore finance major Jayson Rabinowitz, will use the break to catch up on much needed-family time.

“I’m going home to see my family and then to Boulder to visit my sister,” sophomore finance major Jayson Rabinowitz said. “We are going to ski in a steamboat for a few days before I head back to Miami.”

While some ‘Canes prefer domestic travel, others plan to head outside U.S. borders to destinations like the Bahamas or Europe.

“All my roommates are going to Cancun for a break, and the other kids I know are going to Cabo,” Rabinowitz said.

Spring semester of junior year is a popular time for students to study abroad, but for those who decided not to, spring break offers a chance to visit their friends and get a taste of life abroad.

Junior marketing major Connor Dunham chose to stay in Miami this semester, but will use his spring break for an overseas excursion.

“I am going to Barcelona to visit some of my friends who are currently studying abroad,” Dunham said.

Some students may visit multiple countries during the break to maximize their trip and get a fuller picture of what it’s like to live overseas.

“I am going to Amsterdam to meet up with a couple of my friends who are currently studying in Barcelona,” said junior biochemistry major Bella Haham. “We’re also going to Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day because everyone will be there, so it’ll definitely be an eventful trip.”

Among some graduating seniors, there is an unofficial travel tradition where they head to Las Vegas for fall break, then spend spring break in Nashville to enjoy one last ride as a UM student.

“I am going to Nashville for spring break with some of my friends,” Amanda Coleman, senior marketing major said. “Most seniors tend to go to Nashville for the first half of spring break, and either stay or split off to do their own thing after.”

Though Miami’s weather, culture and nightlife attract spring breakers from around the U.S., an occasional break from the city can be refreshing for UM students.

Whether they’re in Miami or not, ‘Canes find a way to have a good time.