Trina Rockstarr shatters stereotypes: Annual music event unites women in rap

Photo credit: Courtesy of Rockstarr Music Festival
Photo credit: Courtesy of Rockstarr Music Festival
Photo credit: Courtesy of Rockstarr Music Festival

Amidst the female rap beef between Meghan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj, Trina Rockstarr’s second annual Rockstarr Music Festival fostered a fresh, supportive atmosphere on Feb. 3.

Food vendors and small business owners sprinkled throughout the Miami-Dade County Fair & Exposition site in hopes of sharing their goods with the community.

Breaking into the music industry, let alone the rap game, can be extremely difficult in the over-saturated, competitive market. For a rap legend like Trina, sharing the spotlight and giving big and small artists the opportunity to shine is legendary.

The Miami native was discovered in the late 90’s by Trick Daddy, a former member of the infamous South Florida rap group- 2 Live Crew. Carrying on and embracing this tradition of uplifting local talent, Trina created the festival last February, and this year’s showcase did not disappoint.

Upcoming artists Bri Biase and Pretty Porcelain were handpicked by Trina to perform.

Biase, also known as the Millennial Missy Eliott, is an upcoming female rapper from Atlanta. With hits like “Nobody Told me” and “Dear Heavenly Father 2,” Biase emphasizes having fun with her lyrics while steering away from rap beef and talking about body parts, as she discusses in an interview with Rolling Out.

Not only is Pretty Porcelain a powerhouse, Miami-based rapper, but she is also a model who has walked at events like Miami Swim Week. She uses her talents to raise awareness for albinism.

“Seeing an event in the industry made by someone that I used to watch as a little girl looking up to…[her] reaching out to me like I need to come do her show, it just feels great,” Biase recalled.

Pretty Porcelain shared her thoughts on her after-effects of being exposed to the world by successful artists.

“I’m hoping my career can take off,” Porcelain said. “I hope for it to go up. I have been blessed and honored to be in this position, so I’m gonna take the reins of it and do my thing.”

These ladies rocked the stage with confidence, leaving with a roaring audience to end the night. Hopefully, the future will see more support in the music community among Black women. Trina has set the pace, and fans are excited to see who will follow.