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Netflix and Chill: Top 10 movies to watch on Valentine’s Day

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Whether you’re practicing some self-love, getting together for Galentine’s Day or celebrating Valentine’s Day with your other half, there’s a movie to watch that’s perfect for you.

A Galentine’s Day Treat

The 2023 film “No Hard Feelings” follows a New England waitress who is about to lose her family home. Determined to save it, she gets employed by two parents who want their teenage son to lose his virginity before going to college. It’s a raunchy sex comedy worth watching if you want to laugh all night long.

That Soulmate Kind of Love

“About Time” is a science-fiction movie about a man who can change time. Given this ability, he starts to fall in love with a woman who changes his perspective on life. This film is perfect to watch with someone who you want to keep coming home to.

When You Want to Value Yourself The Most

“Waitress,” the 2007 film later adapted into a Broadway musical, tells the story of Jenna, a waitress who learns that she’s pregnant while trying to leave an abusive relationship. It’s a powerful story of self-love that portrays the inner strength people can carry.

Feelings So Strong, You Have to Sing Them Out Loud

The beloved 1950s movie musical “Grease” is about two high schoolers who fall in love over summer break and end up attending the same school. Inspired by the Shakespeare play “Romeo and Juliet,” it’s part of a long list of musical adaptations that include “West Side Story” and “High School Musical.”

Regaining the Romance You Might Have Lost

“Before Sunset” is the second part of Richard Linklater’s romance trilogy about two individuals who meet coincidentally and end up developing a connection, only to be destined to part. “Before Sunset” sees them come together after nine years and answers the question of if their relationship is true love.

When You’re Still Figuring Out Who You Are

The coming-of-age story, “The Edge of Seventeen,” features Nadine, a high school girl grieving the loss of her father, the one person she felt truly loved and supported by. This relatable depiction of high school love sees Nadine navigate friendship and difficult family dynamics while falingl in love with a classmate.

If You Want To Watch Something Animated

“Your Name” is a beloved anime where two characters swap bodies and form a relationship through living each other’s lives. It is also guaranteed to be heartbreaking in the end as destiny starts to take shape and the main characters are inevitably torn apart.

When You Need a Good Laugh

“Moonstruck,” which won the 1988 Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, follows an American widow who falls for her fiance’s brother. Every piece of dialogue will have you laughing so much that by the end, you’ll be doubled over in pain.

A Good Crying Session

“Age of Innocence” is a tragic love story set in the late 1800s about a married lawyer who has an affair with his client. From the beginning, it’s obvious that this story directed by Martin Scorcese will end poorly.

Nights When You Need a Good Screwball Comedy

“Bringing up Baby,” an oldie from 1938, watches as actors Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn bicker and try to deal with a pet leopard that swallowed a dinosaur bone. Yes, that actually happens — and it is worth seeing the chaos unfold.

There’s no shortage of romance movies to watch this February, and this list ensures you’ll find something for every mood.

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