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Myke Towers takes Miami by storm in “La Vida es Una” Tour closing show

Myke Towers performs at the Kaseya Center on Nov. 26.
Myke Towers performs at the Kaseya Center on Nov. 26. Photo credit: Sophie Toledano

Dedicated Myke Towers fans filled the halls of the Kaseya Center with anticipation on Nov. 26 for the final hurrah of his “La Vida es Una” Tour.

The Puerto Rican rapper paved the way for Latin trap along with notable artists such as Ozuna, Bryant Myers and Bad Bunny in the early 2010’s. Since then, reggaeton has taken over the Latin Music scene.

The high spirited evening started with songs from Towers’ latest album, “LVEU: Vive La Tuya, No La Mia” which translates to “Live yours, not mine.” When performing “La Falda,” Towers serenaded the audience to perrea, or “twerk” in their short skirts to his music.

The show was extremely interactive by maintaining audience engagement. Numerous women from the crowd gathered backstage for a chance to dance on Towers, a highly-anticipated part of the concert. They also performed beside him, singing the hits word for word as they displayed their unwavering support for their favorite artist.

A touching moment was witnessing Towers’ son Shawn come on stage and watch his father in his element. This represented the duality of a superstar playboy who’s also an active dad. It was interesting, sweet, and humanized him.

Shortly after, guests Justin Quiles and Juhn joined Towers onstage as the crowd roared at the unexpected appearances. They performed hits like “Bandito” and “Whiskey y Coco.” The joy in the hearts of audience members sent waves throughout the center, all in the name of Latin trap.

While Towers performed collaborative hits like “La Curiosidad” and “Fiel,” he also sang his solo hits like “Diosa” and “Piensan,” reminding fans that the ambitious Latin rapper is capable of putting out solo albums while still maintaining his status.

The night to remember came to an end with his infamous “Lala” song. As Towers exited the stage, fans followed, singing the lyrics all the way home.

Between the surprise guests, the old hits and the extensive audience engagement, Towers is a powerhouse performer that I cannot wait to see again.

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